Thrilloween Costume Contest Winner


We know it has been a little while since Halloweekend ’13, but we thought we would close it out a little late and maybe bring back a little Halloween cheer.* Unfortunately, our winner from last year Lizzi Whittlesey ’14 has been dethroned (this editor thought her submission this year was great, but alas this is a Democracy, not a Thrilltatorship). A great showing all around with some of the best submissions we’ve had. Winners and runners-up after the jump!

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Overheard at Kenyon: Yes, I Ate a Chip



Sometimes, you know that staying in is the right choice because you can avoid conversations like these. Here are some choice moments from the last couple weeks:

Caring Friend: “If you had sex with a tampon in, I would take it out for you.”

Senior Girl: “She found a man in the parking lot and stole his crabs.”

Junior Guy to his CA: “Where is your fucking master key? Continue reading