Do it today: Pet Blessing at the Church

A match made in heaven. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Today at 1:00 p.m. on the Church of the Holy Spirit lawn, Rev. Helen Svoboda-Barber will be available to bless all the pets of Gambier. It’s Saint Francis of Assisi day, and because Francis is the patron saint of animals, local residents will bring their furry friends by to receive a blessing for the coming year. Even if you don’t have a pet (which you shouldn’t unless it’s of the fish or small terrarium-dwelling types), you can drop by to have your stuffed animals blessed, or even just to watch all the other pets get blessed. Maybe some famous Kenyon Pets will be there!

Altered Church Bells are Temporary Art Installation

Have no fear, panicked all-stuers and Facebookers: the weird-sounding church bells that freaked a lot of you out last night are not some sort of bizarre digital upgrade. According to Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Greg Widener, the altered bells are “an audible art installation by a Kenyon student, Edek Sher [’13].”

The installation was approved by the newly formed Art Committee.  The installation will remain in place until Friday of this week. — Greg Widener

So rest easy, because soon enough the old-fashioned, mechanically-struck bells will return and restore (relative) serenity to our Village.

You’re Not Crazy: The Church Clock Actually is Slow

Do not use this clock to tell time. (David Hoyt for The Thrill)

It’s a known fact that everyone responds to stress differently. Some people (this editor included) eat a lot when they’re overwhelmed. Others cry or snap at their friends.

But most people don’t get auditory hallucinations. Which is why you were probably pretty concerned when, at 8:08 (I can totally get from Caples to Olin for my 8:10 Art History section. Right, guys?), you heard the bells in the tower of the Church of the Holy Spirit pull an 8:15. “Great,” you thought, “after getting through high school on five hours of sleep a night and working my ass off to go to college in the middle of nowhere, I’ve finally lost it.”

Well, you haven’t. Or at least those damn bells aren’t a symptom of your insanity. According to Leslie Martin, a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee (and also our weekend editor – though she didn’t edit this post), the tower is 41 minutes slow. Which means that you are, like, living 41 minutes ahead of God. Baller.