10 o’clock list: Places They Don’t Take You On The Tour

They don't take tours here. (Photo by Leslie Martin'14)

They don’t take tours here. (Photo by Leslie Martin’14)

Everyone knows that college tours tend to gloss over the more unsavory aspects of the institution. Thankfully, Kenyon is still a pretty cool school even after you realize that it isn’t quite the Hogwarts you thought it was. Yet, there are some campus spots that tour guides avoid like the plague. What follows is only a cursory list of places that your guide just happened to forget to show you.

  1. Third Floor Ascension — Though the room itself is certainly charming, Third Floor Ascension was not made for being shown on tours. I doubt that students upset about being woken up from their naps aren’t the “Face of Kenyon” that the Admissions office is hoping to show (especially if you have some drool on your face. It’s okay, we’ve all had it happen).
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