From the Collegian Archives: Advertisements


Definitely not going to see this ad in the Collegian anymore

Open a copy of the Collegian and all you will find will be the news of that week, but in the past, the Collegian was known to have run a variety of ads, presumably to meet expenses not covered by the college. Today the Thrill presents a collection of these advertisements from several issues of the Collegian from the 20th Century. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Cigarettes and the People Who Smoke Them

In honor of the few months left before the enactment of the fearsome Smoking Ban, I present you with a list of the cigarettes most often smoked at Kenyon, characterized by those who smoke them. Remember kids, smoking is a dangerous and expensive habit so don’t start just because you want to be made fun of on The Thrill

  1. Marlboro Blend No. 27  (27’s). Favored by Peeps and smokers with high GPAs.  Continue reading