Kenyon Tweets the Civil War

This post was authored by M.S. Kord, a new Thrill writer who has yet to make his WordPress account. 

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Well Lords and Ladies, today marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Over a century ago, shots were fired upon Fort Sumter and absolutely no one Tweeted about it. I’m going to change that. While the Civil War tragically and dramatically impacted American history, that doesn’t mean I can’t offer a lighthearted “thought experiment” of sorts. Imagine the Kenyon community and its encapsulating bubble, weak wi-fi and all, was transported back in time to that fateful day, without any real knowledge of the future and an understanding of the politics of the 19th century. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but neither does Twitter.

@WScott: Knew it was you SC, your chicanery breaks my heart. My wife is going to kill me before Johnny Reb gets a chance. No class tomorrow. #KnewItWasYouFredo #OffToTheWorkShed

@KCLax14: Not chill, totally not trying to trade my spoon for a rifle. I’ll be sick with a rifle though. Hope my flow looks good in Union Blue. #LaxNotWar #BayonetSpinMove

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