10 o’clock list: Bizarrely Specific Market Items

via Wal-Mart

I have no data to prove this, but I feel pretty secure in saying that the Village Market is probably the most influential non-College owned institution in Gambier. Does that sound bold? Then let us be bold. The Village Market has provided for me so many times, from energy drinks for that final page of a paper, to instant grits on a cold night, tomato tortellini for a Sunday afternoon… The Market is here to care for us all. Even the weirdos buying these things:

1. Clam Juice — The bottle alleges that this product is “Great for Chowder & Clam Juice Cocktail.” I’m willing to concede that clam juice is a sensible ingredient for clam chowder, but especially coming from the East Coast, I am hesitant to endorse any of the clams you may find in central Ohio. But who the hell is making clam juice cocktails? That sounds like a terrible idea. And more importantly, FROM WHENCE DOES CLAM JUICE COME? HOW DO YOU JUICE A CLAM?

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