Dear Class of 2021


Dear Incoming Member of the Class of 2021,

You will not meet me your Orientation week. I won’t hold open the doors of the library for you. I will not be at your first a capella concert. In the next four years you may walk the same steps as I did, your favorite VI meal may be the same as mine, and you may live in the rooms I lived. These four years will not be the best years of your life, and they will not be the worst. But they will change you and make you into the person you are meant to become. I didn’t want advice when I entered Kenyon, but as I leave I want to give some semblance of advice to you.

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Welcome, Class of 2017!

Hi there! Welcome to The Thrill. We know you’re busy right now with moving in, dealing with your anxious parents and maybe even dealing with a little anxiety of your own, but allow us to introduce ourselves.

The Thrill serves as one of the primary online resources for the Kenyon community, and our goal is to produce content that informs and entertains all of campus. Our name and our motto (“it unifies, it never dies”) are both derived from Kenyon’s official Alma Mater, which you’ll learn to sing soon enough. We were founded in September 2011 as the blog division of Kenyon’s newspaper, The Kenyon Collegian, but The Thrill quickly developed a life of its own. Today, we cover just about everything: you’ll find breaking news updates, frivolous entertainments to distract you from studying and even original videos featuring the best of Kenyon’s music scene and some of our rockstar professors. We’d be remiss not to mention Kenyon’s other great publications, links to which can be found at the bottom of the right sidebar. (They’re kind of our frenemies.)

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