Class of 2018: Facebook Highlights

no they dont

No, they don’t.

You’ve been waiting. You’ve been expecting. And it’s finally here. Yes, the tradition of upperclassmen joining the incoming first-year class group on Facebook is still going strong. We’ve been sifting and trolling our way through the myriad of posts that are flowing in daily, and picked some of the funnier goings on to report back. Remember, class of 2018, we do this solely out of love. We can’t wait to see you guys here in the fall!

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Kenyon Receives Record-Breaking Number Of Applications For Class of 2018


The applications are in! According to a Tweet by Director of Admissions Darryl Uy Kenyon received over 6,500 applications for the class of 2018. This is a 63% increase from last year’s 4,056 applications (352 Early Decision, 3,704 Regular Decision). With this influx of numbers, Kenyon’s 36% acceptance rate could decrease drastically. What remains to be seen is what the enrollment rate will be like, and whether or not this is a result of Kenyon axing their usual supplemental essays on the Common App.

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