Preparing for Kenyon: People You Should Know



Your first few days at Kenyon will be filled with introductions to all sorts of people. Since we know how overwhelming that can be, we have highlighted a few College employees that we think are important to know during Orientation. Each of these people plays a key role in ensuring your transition to college life goes as smoothly as possible. (That is not to say that anyone not mentioned doesn’t play a role, just that these were the people we thought of while our brains were on vacation mode. We take blogging very seriously, as you can tell.)

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Weekend Playlist: Class of 2019 Edition


Ah, to be young again.

Social media has blossomed over the past decade, and no more so than in accepted student facebook pages. The crabby meddlers that we are, older Kenyon students have infiltrated the Kenyon Class of 2019 page to offer advice/ post funny (???) jokes. In this realm, we have discovered an untapped goldmine: the Kenyon ’19 Spotify playlist. So pour yourself a glass of Keystone Light, kick back, and enjoy the musical tastes of our incoming freshman class.

Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag

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Class of 2019: Facebook Highlights

This post, a feature that the “illustrious” Alumni Bulletin once referred to as a “sort-of tradition,” was co-authored by Yasmin Nesbat ’18 and Shayne Wagner ’18horse

It is the most wonderful time of year. The flowers are blooming and people are starting to wear shorts again. But the absolute best part of this season is welcoming the incoming class in our own special way. The tradition of upperclassmen joining the incoming first-year class group on Facebook and trolling the shit out of it is still alive and well. We took our favorite comments from the newest class of 2019 and added our own answers. Remember 2019, we love you and we’ll see you on the hill soon.

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Best “I got accepted to Kenyon! OMG!” Tweets


It’s that time of the season again where the prospies become admitted students!  And that means that Twitter is alive with some very happy people who want to share the good news!  Check out some of our favorite tweets below! Continue reading

The Intro Video Never Dies: A Journey


Katie Connell 18′ reliving her glory days

We all have regrets. Some are big. Some are miniscule. A lot of them are making intro videos. We’re admitted to this school and we’re excited to get to know people. Say your name! Where you’re from! Your hobbies! Your excitement!!!!! Inevitably, these all backfire. Some forget they ever made a video, others delete them, and some actively deny their existence. We’re interested to seek out those people who surrendered themselves to their class Facebook page in hopes of prematurely finding some new friends. We sat down with Katie Connell ’18, and forced her to re-watch her fine piece of cinematic glory.

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