Advice for First-Years from a Crusty Ancient


Happy year one to Kenyon’s Class of 2022! We, the Council of Elders, are very pleased and excited to have you here with us. We love your style, your spirit. Your large numbers. Your sweet, chittery little bird voices as you skip down Middle Path in droves, animatedly discussing how awesome your English 103 classes are. Yes! We love you very, very much!!! Because of how much we love you, we at the Thrill would like to quell your nerves a little bit by giving you some advice about how to Make It in this crazy cartoon college. If you take our advice, you are certain to graduate!!! 100% money back guarantee. Have a good day, sweetie, and don’t forget to eat lunch! Xoxo, the Kenyon Thrill. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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Queer 101: How to Major in Gay



We’re back! Yay! ❉Queer 101❉ has returned after a long and restful break to bring you a brief description of some queer-related classes you can take during your time at Kenyon. Unfortunately, the add/drop period is about to end, but you can definitely keep these courses in mind if they’re offered again next year. If you have any recommendations of your own, leave them in the comments section below. So, without further ado, Queer 101 presents How to Major in Gay. Enjoy!

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What Could Have Been: Classes I Wish I Took

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Registration is coming! Along with the rush I get considering which classes to take, I am struck with a sense of regret for what could have been. With a dwindling amount of time left at Kenyon, and only twelve more possible classes left in my college career, I can’t help but ruminate on the classes I wish I had taken.

But, it’s never too late! We all have at least one semester left, full of possibility.

So, here’s a curated searchable schedule: a consideration of the could haves and could be’s. Here are some classes that are unique and COOL because of the experience they provide, their approach, or simply their subject matter. Continue reading