The Truth About Your Favorite Holiday Movies


I enjoy most holiday movies, they are festive, overly dramatic, they make me nostalgic, and can generally be a pretty good time. However, another thing I enjoy, is taking my childhood memories and literature/movies from my childhood and re-interpreting them with the knowledge I have as an adult. Would I say I take a sick satisfaction in explaining logical fallacies, plot holes, and economic impossibilities to my friends, ruining their childhood memories? Read on if you want to hear my economic analysis of two classic Christmas movies.

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Imagining Latin Language Table

"Friends, Romans, countrymen... I am really sick of the sweet potato fries. Can't we get steak fries again?"

“Friends, Romans, countrymen… I am really sick of the sweet potato fries. Can’t we get steak fries again?”

This post was co-written by Claire Berman ’16 and Natasha Preston ’17.

Language tables can be the worst thing about taking an Intensive Introduction to Language class here at Kenyon. An hour of awkward small talk with your classmates and professor, where you can only really talk about the weather (but only so long as it’s raining or snowing–you forgot all the other vocabulary), colors, or how many animals are metaphorically in a location. It seems sort of unfair that Latin shouldn’t have to have the same awkward experience. We think it would go something like this…

12:01: One overeager student, Lucius, arrives to the table. Is disappointed that he is the only one there. Begins translating lines of Virgil for fun and pleasure.

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Professor Music Profile: Zoe Kontes

This past week I got a chance to sit down and talk music with Professor Zoe Kontes, Classicist and founding member/bassist of Kenyon’s now-defunct, all-professor cover band O! The Humanities. The task I laid out before her was not to simply choose five of her favorite albums, but five albums that have special sentimental value, five albums that represent a specific time in her life and that bring her back to that time with each listen.

Before she locked herself away in the hills of Ohio, Kontes led a very exciting life in the vibrant music scene in Durham, North Carolina while teaching at Duke University. Durham is the home of Merge Records and Kontes was lucky enough to live in the area during a pivotal time for the label. The rest, I will leave up to her.

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Tweets on Tweets on Tweets: Volume III


Do you know why this girl is smiling? Because she knows who to follow on Twitter, that’s why.

Yes, many Kenyon students have great Twitter presences. But also “the administration” (or whatever) runs some great Twitter accounts. After scouring my Twitter feed, I’ve found the best vaguely adult Kenyon related Twitter accounts. These Twitters might not make you laugh, but they will keep you informed, give you something to talk to your grownup friends about and help you talk up Kenyon while you’re home for break.

First, we have @kenyoninthenews. As its name suggests, this College run account highlights the achievements of Kenyon students, past and present. Kenyon In the News is probably the easiest way to find articles about Kenyon alumni as well as big events on campus (e.g. Michelle Obama).

Sample Tweet:


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