10 o’clock list: Childhood Dreams That Haven’t Died

Beautiful childhood dreams, right?

Beautiful childhood dreams, right?

Finals got you down? Grades not looking so good? Stop worrying! Life is still full of potential. Just look back at everything that you wanted to do as a kid and know that there’s still time.

  1. Be a clown. Just in time to not finish your finals, you can get your online degree in clowning. It’s a cheaper alternative to liberal arts school and may have better job prospects. Continue reading

Weekend Playlist: Happy Halloween!

Lords and Ladies, prepare for the scariest weekend of your life.  Whether that means having to witness the absurd level of debauchery this campus is prone to this time of year, or waking up sweating at 1A.M. on Sunday still haunted by Elliot Cromer’s ’15 clown costume at Haunted Leonard this Wednesday.

Hit the jump for The Thrill’s official Halloween soundtrack: from “The Monster Mash” to remixes of “Nightmare Before Christmas,” we’ve got you covered.  DJs, take note!

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