10 o’clock list: Websites Where I See People Online Shopping in the Library

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As we all know, Olin and Chalmers library is mostly a place to take extended, full volume phone calls and to online shop. Something about being in the library also makes me need to make regular visits to the restroom and water fountain. Whenever I  leisurely stroll to the bathroom, I can’t help but notice the many different online shopping websites my peers are browsing. It’s like ordering a book from OhioLink  isn’t good enough for you all! Here are the places I most frequently see you perusing goods.

  1. Bonobos- Oh, boys, you go wild for the patterned back pockets! Those slim fit khakis you all are browsing on Bonobos.com seem very normal to me, but I guess not all of your clothing should come from J.Crew. Speaking of which… Continue reading

Olin Hacks


Club Olin, in all its architectural glory.

Ah, Olin–or Club Olin as I’ve so often heard it referred to affectionately by my wise and cultured upperclassman friends–we all experience this magical land in one way or another. It could be where we study, where we print, where we go when we have to use that annoying program only available on a Windows computer even though everyone at Kenyon uses Macs, not that I’m bitter or anything. Anyhow, here are some tips to make your next trip to our beloved library a little less stressful. Continue reading

Club Olin Has a (Criminal) Meeting Room

All the cool kids study here.

All the cool kids study here.

Guys, I go hard at Club Olin, all the time. So when I discovered a room in Chalmers that I didn’t know about, I was like, what?!

The room I discovered just this past week, the Ringwalt Room, is tucked away on the second floor of Chalmers. To find it, walk straight past the circulation desk and hang a left after the microfilm (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write).

So what’s this oaky, pedagogical paradise for?

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The Olin Vibrating iPhone Plague

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Do you know what is the most disturbing about Club Olin? No, it is not the sub-arctic temperatures and no, it is also not the extreme and unappreciated levels of chattiness on the third floor. The thing that is most disturbing about Club Olin is that everyone leaves their iPhones on vibrate and receives many, many text messages.

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Alert: Keep an Eye on Your Stuff in Club Olin

The Thrill has gotten two separate (and as of yet unconfirmed now confirmed) reports of laptop thefts in the library just now. Be careful, or else you won’t have a device from which to play embarrassing tunes.

The Thrill and the Collegian will attempt to confirm with Campus Safety and update as we learn more.