10 o’clock List: Sports Teams I’m Disappointed We Don’t Have At Kenyon


When I came to Kenyon College, I expected to have freedom that I didn’t have in high school. I had a myriad of new opportunities, like sports, or tabletop RPGs. The world was my oyster. But then I joined some a cappella group and now I’m obligated to go to twenty other a cappella concerts a year. Don’t make the same mistake as me kids. Continue reading

How to Survive the Student Activities Fair



The hallowed day is coming, first-years: the morning when the red carpet of your collegiate extracurricular future will be rolled out in front of you: The Activities Fair. After a grueling year of selling yourself to colleges, it’s now time to shop for ways to get rid of any free time you have left at the institution you’ve chosen. But, like, no pressure. Continue reading

Kenyon Reveille: From the Beginning of Time

The Lords of 1895 with their star player, who appears to be a terrier.

The Lords of 1895, complete with what appears to be a terrier.

While the Reveille has mysterious origins, the earliest volume available in the admissions office is from 1895 — apparently the only yearbook left there to represent the 19th century. Reading it, I was happy to find that there really never has been a time when Kenyon wasn’t a bit weird.

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10 o’clock list: Clubs We Should Start

Rock your body. (via beardshall.blogspot.com.)

Rock your body. (via beardshall.blogspot.com.)

Kenyon students love their extracurricular activities. For such a small school, we have an inordinate amount of clubs, societies, and groups that cater to almost any passion you may have. Like equestrian? We got a club. Enjoy classy dancing? There’s a ballroom club that would love to have you. Despite the seemingly countless organizations on campus, there’s alway room for more. Below are some potential clubs that should join the menagerie of groups.

  1. Seinfeld Club. “She’s a Lentz Lady, Jerry! She took me back to her room on Saturday night and started reading me Kafka! Now I see her everywhere, and she always tries to discuss the influence of post-modernism on historical fiction. I’m afraid to go outside. It’s madness, I tell you, madness!” We are all George Costanza. Continue reading

Do It Today: Activities Fair

Ask any upperclassmen what they do for fun at Kenyon, and invariably they will mention at least one club or organization that they love being a part of. Despite its size, Kenyon has no lack of activities for students partake in, and the Activities Fair is a perfect opportunity for all students, especially first-years, to discover an organization they are interested in. First-years will sign up for as many clubs as possible and never attend half of the meetings, but that’s to be expected. You wouldn’t be at Kenyon if you didn’t have diverse interests.

Even if you think you don’t want to join an organization, take some time to stop by, because there will be plenty of free candy. Everyone likes free candy.

What: Activities Fair

Where: Ransom Lawn (Rainsite: Peirce Hall)

When: 11 a.m.- 1 p.m.