A Wiggin Street Music Analysis

A Wiggin Street Music Analysis
A friend once hypothesized that the music at Wiggin Street Coffee is chosen by creating a playlist with your eyes closed, pressing shuffle, throwing it violently at the back wall, and hoping for the best. Another friend said, “Whenever they put Sarah Barreilles on, I leave.” I spent an afternoon in Wiggin, straining my ears to see if I could make sense of their musical taste.

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How to Get Hot Brown Water For 75 cents


We’ve all seen this fascinating machine at one point or another on our way to print something in Gund Commons. It lives, covered in dust, constantly being passed by hundreds of students each day. One day, I thought the unthinkable – Can this machine actually be used? Does it dispense the Gourmet Coffee it advertises? I knew I had to find out.

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Battle Royale: Coffee on the Hill

Dec. 7, 2013, Atlantic City,New Jersey --- Saturday, at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. --- Photo Credit : Chris Farina - Top Rank (no other credit allowed) copyright 2013

Who will win????

Ok picture this. It’s a weekday morning, and you’re trying to decide where to get the sweet sweet life-water other people refer to as coffee. You think to yourself–Wiggin? Bookstore? Peirce? Deli? You’ll hear tons of contradictory opinions from friends and enemies alike. The truth is brand loyalty and the debilitating addiction to caffeine doesn’t mix. With an array of options available to the average Kenyon student, I’m here to take these claims to the test. I conducted a blind taste test of the various coffee sources all over campus, desperate to find the truth.


“Tastes the least like anything”


“Bland, watery, gentle”

“The caress of a familiar friend”

“Terrible water”


“Almost tastes like tea” (not necessarily a good thing)

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Made in Peirce: Coffee Milkshake

Do you want a delicious frozen beverage that’s refreshing and gives you the caffeine kick that you need, but you don’t want to hurt your wallet with a drink from Wiggin Street? Well there’s an answer to your problem, and it can be easily made in Peirce. A coffee milkshake is quick and easy to make, available every day, delicious at any meal, and just a little more kid friendly than thisContinue reading

Made in Peirce: The Classic BJ

BJStill haven’t managed to find the dessert that is both tasty and a sexual innuendo?! Look no further! Originally named the “Big Jordan” after the friend who perfected it, this concoction is both a pick-me-up and the perfect finish to a meal! Pair it with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or make it a quickie during extend-o. Find out how after the jump!

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