Guest post: Things I Learned at School

Editor’s note: The author of this piece has asked to remain anonymous because it describes actions that are against the law.

Reading Days (or, in the new language subtly pushed by the school, “October Break”) maintains a certain sacred place in my own mythology and in the mythology of my closest comrades. My first year was spent with that peculiar yet welcomed problem which we encounter too rarely: we had very little actual reading to do and a whole lot of alcohol. We caused mayhem and stayed up too late, walking bleary eyed to Peirce for a late lunch in the early afternoon. Gambier was empty. The village belonged to us and only us, it seemed. I saw it as a milestone, a marker of how far I had come and how far I would go. Sophomore year would continue these feelings of youth and freedom from the even more grounded perspective gained by a year of experiences at Kenyon. Continue reading