President Nugent talked up higher ed’s financial woes on NPR this morning

You may have heard the Nuge on NPR today.

You may have heard the Nuge on NPR today.

For Kenyon, the discussion on economic inequality didn’t end after CSAD. Just today former President S. Georgia Nugent went on NPR’s “Morning Edition” for a segment called “When Money Trumps Need In College Admissions.” The 7 1/2-minute interview is worth a full listen, but check out highlights after the jump.

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With Obama’s Invitation, President Decatur Commits Kenyon to Low-Income Affordability

White House Gate

Today Present Sean Decatur was one of  140 college presidents, business leaders and non-profit executives to meet with President Obama with the goal of increasing college affordability for low-income students. At the summit, the White House released a list of new commitments Kenyon and others agreed to make. Continue reading