I Refuse To Donate To Kenyon College Until They Acknowledge The Academic Value Of McDonald’s Lore


The four years I’ve spent here at Kenyon College, this bucolic intellectual wonderland, have been some of the most special of my life. I’ll be walking away from graduation this spring with a profound conceptual toolbox with which to approach the world. However, as I leave the campus behind, I’m left with a sour taste in my mouth and a painful awareness of this school’s inexcusable shortcomings. That’s why, after much thought, I refuse to donate any money to the college until they do what’s right and acknowledge the academic value of McDonald’s lore.

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When a Sibling Goes to College

sibling goals since 2001

Sibling goals since 2001

When I imagined moving away to college, there were a few things that I could anticipate missing. Obviously taking priority would be my cat, followed by friends, parents, car, and (last but certainly not least) avocados. Noticeably missing from this list was my little brother. Now it’s not that I (in some strange episode of Home Alone-esque amnesia) had temporarily forgotten that I had a brother, nor were we sworn enemies. I just didn’t fully grasp that—after 17 years together— I was no longer going to be across the hall. Continue reading