From the Collegian archives: Cane Rush

It recently came to my attention that Kenyon used to host a annual duel of sorts between the sophomore and freshman classes. Known as “the Cane Rush” this event would occur within the first few weeks of school and involved the freshman and sophomores battling over, you guessed it, a cane. Each class would take up sides on Ransom Lawn, with a cane placed between them, and at a signal would rush towards the cane and battle for it. After a set amount of time the battle would be halted and the class with the most hands on the cane would be declared the winner. Apparently if the freshmen won, their restricted status as freshmen would be relaxed (think freshmen beanies) and if the sophomores won they would be forced to remain in their subordinate state. The last Cane Rush was held in 1966, but I for one think it is high time it be brought back.

Reprinted below is an article from the September 27, 1913 edition of the Collegian, detailing the Cane Rush that year. Special thanks to the Greenslade Special Collections for providing access to this article and the photo.


In hotly contested Canerush–Sophs put up hard fight but fail by score of thirteen to nine

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From the Collegian Archives: Ill-Fated Magazine Experiment


Welcome to another year of “From the Collegian Archives,” in which we explore the strangest and most historic events from the Collegian‘s past, brought to us with the help of our friends in the library archives. Today, we’re heading back to 1973, when the paper decided to try a different format. The difference between volume CI and CII is visible above. “The COLLEGIAN is no longer a newspaper,” reads the front-page editorial in the first issue for the 1973-1974 school year. “It is a feature journal which concerns itself with previews, reviews, and the opinions of its readers.”

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