A Look Into the Collegian Magazine

(Left to right) Gabe Brison-Trezise ’16 and Henri Gendreau ’16, via the Kenyon Collegian

For our off campus and alumni readers (and those of you who haven’t kept your eyes open), the Collegian has launched a new magazine (read it here) devoted to long form journalism (the first ever Kenyon magazine, not counting the failed attempt by the Collegian to become a magazine).

The magazine is the project of Collegian Co-Associate Managing Editor Henri Gendreau and Co-Chief Copy Editor Gabe Brison-Trezise, both of the class of 2016. Each had the idea of a campus magazine independently and were paired up by Collegian management last spring to begin working on this project. Brison-Trezise said that he and Gendreau have developed the magazine mostly independently from the Collegian, though he characterized current management as “very supportive.”

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Local Elections

via immigrationimpact.com


If you are registered to vote here in Knox County, be sure to read up on all the local elections before casting your vote tomorrow. If you missed the Collegian last week, here is the link to a bio of most of the local candidates. To vote in Gambier go to the Community Center at 115 Meadow Lane and don’t forget to bring a copy of your utility bill (sent out by the Accounting Office via e-mail last week) as proof of residency!

Collegian Nominated for Collegiate Journalism Award


For what is believed to be the first time ever, a piece published in the Collegian last school year has been nominated for an ACP Story of the Year award. The ACP is the Associated Collegiate Press, an organization of collegiate journalists. Many publications, including newspapers, magazines, and yearbooks, all run by colleges, are members of the ACP. Membership entitles associated publications to attend conferences, access educational resources for aspiring journalists, and enter an annual collegiate journalism contest.

This year a piece written by current Co-Editor in Chief of the Collegian, Sarah Lehr, ’15, has been nominated under the category of diversity. The piece is available here. Continue reading

What Did You Do Over Reading Days? (MAJOR UPDATE)

After four days of being able to sleep in, we’re now back to the daily grind. But in order to recapture some of the reading days magic, we’ve asked some of the Collegian‘s editors (and you, via our Facebook page) to tell us what they did over break.

  • Nina Zimmerman (Sports editor): “Chased my dad around Chicago while he ran the marathon…” (Congratulations, Mr. Zimmerman!)
  • Rosalyn Aquila (Design editor): “I saw 50/50 and pretty much spent the rest of the weekend crying. A comedy about cancer, my ass.”
  • Nicholas Anania (Illustrator): “There’s a fair amount I can’t recall, but I know I ended up watching a lot of Turner Classic Movies.”
  • Paul Dougherty ’13: “Reading.”
  • Becca Hafter ’14: “Smack. Also, my laundry. “
  • Sam Colt (Features editor): “I saw Moneyball, The Ides of March and went to the Cumming County Fair, which reinforced every stereotype I have about county fairs.”
  • Colleen Damerell ’13: “The Kenyon-Exeter program (okay so we didn’t have reading days, whatever) went to Tintagel, Cornwall for beautiful views, Arthurian legends, and authentic Cornish pasties. And we totally talked about The Thrill while hanging out at our cliff’s-edge youth hostel.”
  • Jordi Alonso ’14: “Went shopping for scarves, hats, gloves, and other wonderfully wintery and autumnal apparel. Also, fine-tuned the outline for a 9 part epic poem. nbd.”
Tell us what you did over reading days in the comments section below.