A Musical Odyssey: SPORTS Takes Columbus

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of tagging along with Kenyon’s own SPORTS at their first off-campus gig, which went down at Carabar, a funky little spot in downtown Columbus.  The all-ages show also featured Columbus’s own Pretty Pretty and headlining act Radiator Hospital from Philadelphia, who had just finished up a U.S. tour. Punk rock was the flavor of the evening, and the crowd was down — albeit slightly tame.

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Upcoming Nearby Concerts

Newport Music Hall

It’s hard to make it out of Gambier to see a concert, especially when your Google search for “Concerts in Columbus” or “Shows in Cleveland” returns thousands of results. Here, I’ll try and point you to a few that I’m excited about (with some live videos, so you can get a preview)  to ease your concert-discovery process.

Who: Houndmouth

When: November 19th, 2013.

Where: A and R Music Bar, Columbus, OH

This is one you won’t want to miss. The quartet from New Albany, Indiana will bring their southern style Rock and Roll to Columbus this Friday. Atop greasy guitar riffs and sprawling organ chords, this band stacks up magnificent four-part harmonies. Thematically, they craft themselves to be intellectually blue collar with songs about going to jail, working at the factory, and train hopping all while throwing in a few sophisticated allusions here and there (catch the Nietzsche reference in the video).  They rock hard, but do so precisely and deliberately. Grab a beer and let them blow you away.

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Columbus Is the Place to Live After Graduation, Not New York or DC

This could be you, lining up for pizza with a dozen of your closest friends.

This could be you, lining up for pizza with a dozen of your closest friends.

Admit it: you’ve thought a lot about where you want to live once you’ve graduated from Kenyon. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of life as a Brooklyn hipster or a Hill staffer.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but New York City is expensive. So while I’m not telling you not to pursue your dreams of stardom, consider the following: Columbus is the place to be if you’re broke, young and single (or any combination of these qualities).

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Prepping for Family Weekend: Columbus Activities

Around this time last year, I came home to my luxurious Norton double to find my mother, fresh off a six-hour plane ride, vacuuming and lecturing my surprised roommate on the perils of dust. After the carpet and all other surfaces were gleaming, she moved on to our fridge, which, much to her horror, held only half empty Diet Coke cans and hummus. If you want to avoid deeply disappointing your mother this Parents’ Weekend with your lack of hygiene and culinary tastes, then I recommend escorting them on an immediate and long trip to Columbus. After the jump is a list of a few spots that will distract your parents and make them forget about last year’s dust debacle!

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Reading Days Travel Guide: Columbus


For those of you who aren’t done with Columbus and its coy and charming ways, here is a trip that is adventurous while still safely close to home. Find a friend with a car and persuade them into exploring the sparkling streets of Columbus. I know that Cleveland often seems like the more alluring Ohio city, what with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the option for fine dining experiences, but as I have recently learned through my online research, Columbus is beckoning, and she is an attractive mistress. Here are a few ideas to get you started on what I hope becomes a deep and loving relationship with Columbus.

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Santorum Visits Columbus

Via Daily Kos

Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is in Columbus today speaking at the Hilliard Tea Party Rally.   Recently, Santorum received an endorsement from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.  Santorum declared the Buckeye state as “ground zero” in the GOP presidential race.  It turns out “more delegates will be awarded in Ohio than in any other state except Georgia in the opening months of the Republican campaign,” according to the Huffington Post. It looks like Columbus, OH and Columbus, GA could both become political battle grounds in the near future.

Source: Huffington Post

Columbus Peanut Shoppe Site of Ye Olde Knifepointe Assault

The delicious scene of the crime. (Google Streetview)

10TV — Central Ohio’s News Leader! — reports that a female employee of The Peanut Shoppe, located on High Street in downtown Columbus, was held at knifepoint on Friday afternoon. A large man in his mid-30s allegedly entered the store and asked the employee about the Shoppe’s many varieties of delicious peanut candy, then pulled a knife on her and may have been trying to force her into a back room. The man fled when a customer entered and the employee called for help.

The real story here, of course, is that apparently Columbus has an entire store devoted entirely to peanuts and various peanut-related products. Look for The Thrill to publish a full report on this delicious new development as soon as we get a chance to check it out.