Where Was It Said: Comfort or in Bed?

Allow me to make you comfortable. (via photobucket)

Whether the mere mention of Peirce food fills your tummy with the happy rumblies or the cruddy yuckies, a Peirce meal is an experience that most of us undergo anywhere from one to seven (?) times a day. And wherever you lie on the spectrum of AVI loyalty, there is one thing that we all can agree on: the raw sexual energy that abounds within the threshold of those glass door. Hungry bodies, jostling and rubbing against each other frantically; the forbidden intermingling of wheat products in the gluten free freezer; the sudden chemistry of two hands accidentally touching whilst both reaching for the sweet, gooey release achieved from a dollop of Yoder’s Family Farm strawberry preserves… In Chef Meagan’s immortal words, taken from her Peircegiving 2014 address, “What a sexy sight :) ”.

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