Queer 101: Coming Out

Happy National Coming Out Day! Coming out is something that every queer-identifying individual must face at some point in their lives. It’s nerve-wracking, freeing, terrifying, and it takes an enormous amount of courage to do. Today, we have stories from various Kenyon students about their experiences with coming out.

“Because I’m kind of “girly” (i.e: pretty much everything I own is pink and I dressed up as Tinkerbell last Halloween), I often run into the problem of people assuming I’m straight. That’s why the phrase “Actually, I’m Gay” became my best friend when I started coming out this past summer. Maybe one day I’ll change my aesthetic, but for now, I’m gonna stick to the frilly dresses. I like them a lot, and (as we all know) nobody should have to change what they like if they don’t want to” – Caitlyn March ’19

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