Do it Today– “The Ebola Outbreak”

No, please don’t catch Ebola today. That would be bad as we are a small campus so it would likely spread to the rest of us very rapidly. But in all seriousness the Ebola outbreak has already spread to four countries in Africa and is killing over half of those it infects. This tragedy will be addressed on Thursday by Joan Slonczewski and David Suggs, professors of biology and anthropology respectively.

This panel discussion will cover such topics as where the virus comes from and how it has spread so fast. Elaine Flowers, Infection Preservationist at Knox Community Hospital, will also be on the panel, talking about what would happen if Ebola came to Knox County.

    • What: “The Ebola Outbreak”
    • When: Today at 11:10 (Common Hour)
    • Where: Higley Auditorium

10 o’clock List: Common Hour Discussions You Might Actually Attend

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…about Common Hour. (via 

Common Hour talks. Wowee Zowee big topic. Professors always want you to attend, you usually forget/don’t want to/have another obligation right after so you would rather put food in your face. And no disrespect to the College, because sometimes they are really cool and sometimes we are just idiots who don’t go. But here are some topics that I think most students would feel dumb to miss:

1. How to find housing for your internship and/or job for the summer. Guess who can’t afford housing anywhere, especially in big stupid cities like motherfucking New York? Most people. Even if you are getting paid. But what if there was a Common Hour talk where they just told you what to do and where to look and which parts are scary parts of the city and gave you names of other people who are trying to live in the city you’re trying to work inhdisakojdsfasf sorry just came in my pants at the idea.

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On Common Hour


As most of you (hopefully) know, 11:10-12:00 am every Tuesday and Thursday is Common Hour. Common Hour is designed to be a time for lectures, readings, and “conflict-free academic advising time”. Many of you may laugh at the idea of Common Hour being “conflict-free”, because Common Hour is also frequently used for cancelled classes and group meetings. Continue reading

Reminder: Mandatory Off Campus Study Meeting for Sophomores

Today during Common Hour, there is a Mandatory Off Campus Study Meeting in Rosse Hall. The Center for Global Engagement will share important information on the OCS process and about the new online application procedure.  Even if you have just an inkling of a whim to study off-campus, still go. If you don’t go, you might miss out on a great opportunity to go to a super cool place, like Russia.

Study in exotic places, like St. Petersburg. Not the one in FL.