Computer Things I Learned During The Pandemic

While most of us can agree this hasn’t been a good time, it’s not entirely without a silver lining. For me. I don’t know about all of you. It’s often taken for granted that youths such as myself have a good understanding of the internet, but I’m the exception to that rule.  Computer skills have never been my strong suit, but with our increased reliance on technology I’ve been forced to learn. Don’t get me wrong, I can surf the ‘net with the best of them, but here’s a couple of tips and tricks that have helped me become a tech whiz in the vein of Lisbeth Salander and Theodore Donald Finch (from the 2003 film The Core).

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Kenyon Kernel Presents: Daniel Olivieri ’19, 21st Century Renaissance Man and Digital Storyteller

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Kernel: A Pop Science Podcast for Kenyon College

What’s up, nerds? Sarah Jean here again to spread the word about my new podcast, “Kernel”, a show exploring the hidden world of academic research at Kenyon College. This week on the show, I was lucky enough to sit down with Daniel Olivieri, a senior english and creative writing major and a scientific computing concentrator. Read on for more about Daniel and the show!

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How to Connect to the P: and H: Drives When off Campus


The P: (public storage) and H: (your private storage) drives are really great tools, like really great. For example, you really should be backing up all or most of your files onto your H: drive every week in case your dies/gets dropped/gets beer spilled on it. Access to the P: and H: drives is available from any campus computer just by logging in. But did you know you can also access files you’ve stored at Kenyon OFF CAMPUS!?

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