The Monday Catchup


PC Annaliese Milano

Woah. Good Monday morning. You kids have scared your mothers silly with your scanties and panties and midriff and ankles all showing. Time to, as always however, wipe that boozy crust from the corners of your eyes, wash your face, and gird your loins for another week of classes. Here are a few thoughts about ye old Shock Your Mom:

“Seeing everyone fully clothed now is both a blessing and a curse”

“I could sleep considering South Campus was so tame”

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Do It Tonight: Everything


Get turnt.

Yo babes. I know what you’re thinking. “Grackle, my studying is getting out of hand. Every time I shut my eyes, all I see is the Dewey Decimal System. How do I calm this super intelligent brain of mine down?”

FEAR NOT. Literally everything is happening tonight. Go ahead and pick one event to go to. Hell, pick two. Pick three if you’re feelin’ feisty. Listen to tunes, laugh out loud, whatever you fancy. Head home. Turn in early. Wake up to greet the fresh new hell that is the Sunday before finals week. You’re gonna be okay, maybe.

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Upcoming Nearby Concerts

Newport Music Hall

It’s hard to make it out of Gambier to see a concert, especially when your Google search for “Concerts in Columbus” or “Shows in Cleveland” returns thousands of results. Here, I’ll try and point you to a few that I’m excited about (with some live videos, so you can get a preview)  to ease your concert-discovery process.

Who: Houndmouth

When: November 19th, 2013.

Where: A and R Music Bar, Columbus, OH

This is one you won’t want to miss. The quartet from New Albany, Indiana will bring their southern style Rock and Roll to Columbus this Friday. Atop greasy guitar riffs and sprawling organ chords, this band stacks up magnificent four-part harmonies. Thematically, they craft themselves to be intellectually blue collar with songs about going to jail, working at the factory, and train hopping all while throwing in a few sophisticated allusions here and there (catch the Nietzsche reference in the video).  They rock hard, but do so precisely and deliberately. Grab a beer and let them blow you away.

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Do it tonight: Winter Blues Concert

imagesHungry? (via

You may have read one of the many AllStus sent about pie in the last week. Well, the night is here my friends. To lift you out of those mid-winter doldrums, the Peer Counselors are hosting a Winter Blues Concert tonight from 9PM to midnight in Peirce Pub. There will be performances by Howard Sacks, David Suggs, The Blue Crab Vestibule, A Sassy Nation, and others. Come watch your peers and professors perform (and potentially embarrass themselves) while you sit back and munch on some Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie from Peggy Sue’s.

What: Winter Blues Concert with pie and performances by people you may know.

Where: Peirce Pub.

When: 9PM – midnight.