Wow, a Kenyon Grad Actually Got a Job!

via Wikipedia

Of course, his résumé is probably a little more impressive than yours, Mr. Summer-Internship-at-Your-Mom’s-Friend’s-Law-Firm. Zack Space, who represented Ohio’s 18th district (the fightin’ 18th!) in Congress between 2006 and 2010, has a new gig at Vorys Advisors, an Ohio-based consulting firm. Space, a former Lords football player, graduated from Kenyon with a degree in political science, then earned his law degree from Ohio State. After practicing law for many years at Space & Space Company, a firm he opened with his father, Space, a moderate Democrat, went on to represent Kenyon and the surrounding area for two terms, before being defeated by Republican incumbent Bob Gibbs last fall. Kenyon alums: you can knock ’em down, but they’ll get right back up … and then sit down in a cushy corner office.