Things I’d Imagine You’d Find in the New Library (Dead or Alive)

A Family of Deer

There are so many deer around Gambier and there’s no way all of them are hiding out in the cornfields. What would make a better refuge for these critters than the expansive maze of scaffolding of a LEED Gold certified sustainable building? Tucked in the depths of the Chalmers Library construction site, deer are sheltered from rusty pick-up trucks barreling down Coshocton Avenue and may even be able to experience the refined taste of natty light.

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Path of Darkness

The lawn of the North Campus Apartments stretched before us like an interminable water way — the sprinklers were on at full pressure and I was wearing suede shoes. A haze rested low on the hill that ran down to New Apts, almost clouding my view of the way before us. We dodged the sprinkler rain of the damp, suburban plain and descended  into the wooded New Apartment valley. Suddenly, we spotted it, the Path of Darkness.

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