[Student-Info] Sims Construction Update – The New Atrium

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 3.48.35 PM

Kenyon Student #1 with some delicious market chili

Phase 2 of the ongoing library construction continues with the creation of the first floor open study space. This area will be used for individual study, group meetings, and gossip sessions full of whisper-shouting after a quick Kenyon Lookaround. Note the prevalence of the classic Gund Grey with sprinkles of bright yellow, which is presumably meant to replace the sun as Kenyon students’ principal Vitamin D supplier.

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What Your Favorite Construction Ditch to Cry in Says About You


Time to break out your ponchos and waterproof your laptops for behold: finals week is upon us! Whether you’ve got tests or you’ve got papers, whether it’s one thing or four, we’re all on this screaming struggle bus to hell-town together, but crying on the third floor of the library is overdone and sobbing in the graveyard is cliche. If your prime crying location has gotten stale, fret not, for the Kenyon 2020 plan has graced us with new real estate to drench in tears. Lucky for you, I’ve tried all four of them out.

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[Student-Info] Sims Construction Update – Phase 2 Initiated


Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 12.39.59 AM.png

Kenyon Student #1 fleeing from the police


Attention all Kenyon College students, faculty, and simulated critters: the Kenyon 2020 Plan is now shifting from Phase 1 into Phase 2. Read on to see the first images of the new Kenyon library. Also, please be aware of recent mod glitches––we’ve recently noticed modular units popping up on Peirce lawn, which definitely isn’t part of the plan, right?  Continue reading

We Tried to Draw Maps of Kenyon from Memory and This is What Happened

We Tried to Draw Maps of Kenyon from Memory and This is What Happened

The Kenyon College campus: what a beauty (shhh ignore the construction everywhere). We walk its paths everyday. We circumvent its seal in Peirce each meal. We marvel at the Twilight zone atmosphere of the temporary bookstore/old market each dawn and dust. And yes, we spend the majority of our time on the hill, but how well do we really know its lay out? How accurately can we map the campus from Bexley to Old K? Or actually, from Snowden to the Tafts? This is what happened when we tested our spacial knowledge… Continue reading

Spot the Difference: Campus Under Construction

Welcome, welcome, welcome back to another year at Kenyon College! To all of our fresh-meats, we are excited to have you here on the hill. Odds are you have overheard some upperclassmen walk around the village or step into the bookstore to loudly scream something along the lines of, “WHAT THE HELL?” And rightly so, we might add. Farr Hall is as good as gone, our beloved Deli is no more, and the market looks and smells like Lentz. In short, a lot has changed over the summer and there is plenty for us to catch up on. Can you spot all the differences in these before and after photos of campus?

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 12.18.16 PM.png

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Meet a PC: Emily Fritze


Emily Fritze ’19

Every week, The Thrill features a member of a student-support organization to bring awareness about the various resources available to the student body on campus. This week, we’re featuring Emily Fritze ’19.  Stay safe this weekend, and know that there is always someone you can talk to if you need help.

If you want to speak to a PC, they have Office Hours in the new Health and Counseling Center. Drop by and talk to a PC every Sunday-Thursday, 7-9 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays 5:30-7:30 p.m. Or call their 24/7 hotline at 740-398-3806.

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