It’s that time of year when mischief is afoot and the fake blood is flowing. Impress the Kenyon ghosts and suit up in your Halloween best because there ain’t no rules when it comes to gettin’ spooky. Here at The Thrill we want to honor your creative, Halloween ambitions so enter The Thrill’s costume contest and show us the best you got!

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The Thrill’s First Annual Scary Stories Open Thread

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In continuation of today’s Collegian, do you have a personal Kenyon ghost story? Do you know one about a friend of a friend of a friend? Do you want to have a lot of trouble falling asleep tonight? Then this is the post for you. It’s r/NoSleep meets Jezebel meets Kenyon. Comment below with your scariest Kenyon paranormal encounter, and the winners will be posted on Halloween!

Nominate Your Friends (or Yourself) for a Makeover

This is a picture of a werewolf.

After the resounding success of the Thrilloween Costume Contest, we’ve decided to indulge you readers with another chance to win a Thrill sponsored gift.  Anyway, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and the spirit of giving is in the air.

So, beloved readers, The Thrill would like to give away an all-expense-paid makeover by our fabulous and stylish fashion blogger Virginia Falzon. We hear she gives salon quality blowouts! Like Stacy and Clinton, Falzon can work with nominees of any gender and pledges to respect personal style.

Entry details after the jump.

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