10 o’clock list: 5 Sentence Starters to Avoid During Parents’ Weekend

“Anyways, he was all like ‘GUESS WHO BROUGHT ABSINTHE?!’ and that’s when things REALLY got crazy…”

Let’s face it, bud, there are going to be a lot of parents on campus this weekend. Whether or not yours are making the pilgrimage, it’s almost guaranteed that several of your peers will be towing their elders across campus for a while. That being said, you can’t just carry on with your typical rhetoric. Unless your parents are riding front row the Cool Train, you might want to censor a few of your usual conversation topics. So here’s the deal- if you blow an engine early on with a particularly noticeable gaffe, there’ll be nowhere for you to land safely. Starting your sentences strong is a good escape plan for later slip ups. Here are a few engine-blowers for you to avoid in your parental communication quest.

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