Haunted Laundromat by Adama Berndt

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One of our very own, Adama Berndt ’17 has released his first rap album. While he’s no stranger to performing, rap–or any music for that matter hadn’t become his outlet until he turned 16. A jokester by nature and association (a member of the beloved stand-up group Two-Drink Minimum), Adama started rapping on a whim during his final weeks of his senior year in high school. It was there, in his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, is where he met a few mutual friends with access to a recording studio. He began writing and recording music almost every summer, but during these past couple of months he was able to finalize his vision and create an album ready for release.

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Sad Robot EP by Dr_nothings

Sad Robot EP by Dr_nothings
via bandcamp

via Dr_nothings’ bandcamp

the cat’s in the bag and the bag’s in the river

A voice slinks in over a creeping 6/4 groove, riddled with a celestial “oooh,” or “(( 。o O o 。o O o h ))” as Dan Rasch ’14 writes on his Bandcamp page.

With the coming of 2014, Dan Rasch, aka Dr_nothings, slipped his five song EP, Sad Robot, onto the web. A year in the making, the EP shows careful dedication not only to crafting each song in a unique fashion, but also engineering a myriad of different sounds that coalesce into blankets of complex music. Continue reading

Weekend Playlist: Party Music For Uncool Kids

Look, you guys, I don’t know what music is cool. I think maybe I knew what was cool to listen to in 2008, but I haven’t really been keeping up since then. It’s exhausting! Not only is there new music coming out every single day, but all the coolest stuff is the stuff that’s hardest to listen to. I mean, have you tried listening to Blue Hawaii? It’s like a comps exam for your ears. No thanks! If keeping up with cool music makes your brain hurt but you still want to party to something besides Rihanna (people still listen to Rihanna, right?), try putting on these thoroughly uncool songs:

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