Kenyon Konfusion: Theme Parties You’ve Been Confused By

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We’re here to say it’s okay. It happens to everybody. Your mom still loves you. But really, it’s okay to be confused by a theme party. It’s probably happened to every Kenyon student (well, probably not every Kenyon studen). You know, when you accidentally whipped out a costume for a party that wasn’t actually a costume party. Or maybe you just misunderstood the concept of ABC parties. Hey–we’re glad you’re comfortable with your birthday suit–don’t let anybody tell you differently. What we’re trying to relay here is that we feel your pain. Kenyon students are occasionally overly ambitious with their party themes–we know.  So here we’ve rolled out a list of all-campus theme parties that may be in need of clarification (or not).

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Halloween Pick-Up Lines: How to Get Candy in Your Bag

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Halloween is a big deal. You’ve been working hard on your costume (ha) and surely you want someone to notice! If you’re trick or treating for something sweet this weekend, we’re here to help. Here are some lines to try on your spooky-pooky.

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What’s “In” This Halloween

That costume is so not fetch.

As Oct. 31 steadily approaches, I labor over the concept and execution of my Halloween costume. Factoring in the forecast, my overall comfort, and the possibility of reusing the outfit (i.e. wearing one or more of the pieces out in public), it can become a lengthy process, often resulting in an uncoordinated costume. In order to prevent this seasonal struggle, here are a few suggestions sure to impress both the haters and potential hook-ups on All Hallows Eve.

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