Queer 101: A Guide to LGBTQ-Focused Courses

So as you might have noticed, course registration for the fall semester is coming up pretty soon. You may be wondering, how can I be more queer in the classroom? Well, you may not have noticed but Kenyon DOES offer a handful of queer-focused classes! So here’s your guide if you’re looking for an extra course to take!

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10 o’clock list: Courses that Aren’t Being Offered Next Semester

Kisses for komrades. Via deviantart.net

Today, rising seniors registered. Some rejoiced. Some cried. Rising juniors and sophomores, you’re next. As such, we thought it might be nice to know what you can’t register for next semester.

1. What’s the Deal With Feet? –Transnational Perspectives at the Heels of History. In this course we will explore the metric system as it is a metaphor for transnational conflicts concerning foot fetishism. This course is designed for first years. Pedicure of the instructor required. Apparently, if you pair this course with “Three Little Piggies: Writing Infantile Amusement,” you’ll be half way to a concentration in Poor Life Choices. Omg, so cool. But comps will have me with one foot in the grave. Ha ha ha hoo hoo ho-jesus christ. Continue reading

Top Classes for First Years

Unfortunately, typing this into the search function won’t help you find cool classes. But that’s what we’re here for.

The blog of The Daily Princetonian, The Prox, has compiled a list of Princeton’s “Must-take courses for spring 2013.” In that spirit, we at The Thrill have compiled some of the top course offering at Kenyon next semester — aimed specifically at first years, since it’s too late for the rest of you. And while we may not offer some of the cool courses that America’s most clashing university has, like Motorcycle Repair Seminar and Bob Dylan Studies, these recommendations from the Thrill staff are just as good.

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Is this a power play?

The image you see above is a screenshot from next semester’s class schedule, and we think it might just be evidence of some bureaucratic aggressiveness.

CPC stands for the Curriculum Policy Committee*, which is the standing faculty committee that approves any change to, well, curricular policy. Practically, what that means is that they approve new courses, as well as broader policy changes and new majors.

Professors are only mere mortals, and mere mortals are sometimes late. Which means that sometimes course descriptions are late. Now, it seems, that CPC has finally had enough. So much so that this staid committee (or someone in the registrar’s office) has resorted to public, all-caps shaming to make it happen.

Or the online schedule of courses isn’t finished yet and this is basically a rough draft. But intrigue is so much more fun.

*Disclosure: Last year, I served as one of two student representatives on CPC.