10 o’clock list: Kenyon Randos

Objectively, Kenyon isn’t really a big school. Yet somehow, there are always these groups of random people that seem to always be around, perpetually anonymous to me yet familiar by way of association with their general way of being or where I see them. Although there are many individuals in this category that stand alone, there are several key categories of Kenyon randos that consistently stay in my line of sight but off my radar.

1. Sports Randos. I’m not hating on sports in any way, but I mean, you can’t deny the flocks of Nike crew socks and slide sandals on Old Side. Sometimes it seems like you guys dress from the same communal closet. As a non-athlete, the entire culture of Kenyon sports is somewhat lost on me. Take this into account with the cultish social feel that all sports seem to have, and you get the perfect set of randos for your non-athletic Kenyon student.

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Shamelessly Bring Back Peirce Cups

sad cup

Don’t make Peirce cups sad! Return them to their home!

The most important New Years’ Resolution for Kenyon: Return the Peirce cups. Some of you have intentionally and shamelessly hoarded Peirce cups over the semester–or perhaps, for some of you, fifteen cups just magically appeared in your NCA. Regardless of your cup-situation, now that the semester is over and Peirce is reaching crisis mode with its cup supply, it is time to give back the cups. But how do you give back your cups without the shame?

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10 o’clock list: Five Ways to Get Into the Cove

What you look like going into the cove (via 1.bp.blogspot.com)

Trying to get into the cove, huh? (via 1.bp.blogspot.com)


Let’s go to the Cove. It’s Cove o’clock somewhere, right? You might be thinking that you won’t get in, but don’t fret, young one. There are plenty of ways to get there if you just believe. Here are all the methodical and foolproof ways you can definitely get into the Cove.

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Weekend ProTip: Plan Your Night Around Fast Food

They’re open until 1am. Maybe if you’re super nice, Peyton will deliver your pizza (via papajohns.com)

Yes it’s the weekend. Finally. This weekend’s ProTip is nice and short (partly because as I write this, it’s way later than I should be awake): plan out your night so you don’t get home too late to order the greasy late-night Fourth Meal you deserve. Continue reading