10 o’clock list: 5 Best Kenyon-in-February Toasts


Nixon and Zhou both loved a good atypical toast (via WikiMedia Commons)

 February is a make it or break it kind of month. At this point in the year, you either resign yourself to watching videos of cats shredding toilet paper on Youtube, or you  get your game face on– that is, your pre-game face. Drinking in the confines of your dungeon of a dorm room can certainly be monotonous, but there are ways to fix this. For example, toasts. A pre-gulp toast makes drinking any variety of liquid more exciting. HOWEVER, we’re far beyond the jaded bottoms up! or even worse, cheers! (what are you a mid-century aristocrat?). Time to let the creative juices flow–that’s right–we’re here with some straight-up juicy ideas for atypical toasts. Sit your nether-regions down and pick your glasses up — get ready to make the most(s) out of your toasts.

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Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook: Ashley Thompson

This feature was conceived as a foray into the hearts/minds of Kenyon’s finest artists through the pages of their sketchbooks. This week, we’re talking to Ashley Thompson ’15.

An artistic portrait of Thompson I found on her Facebook.

I walked into Ashley Thompson ’15’s room in Mather expecting to be greeted by vaginas. Now, most people do not often enter a room expecting to see vaginas but I was previously aware of Thompson’s art piece on sexuality, entitled “98 Synonyms for Vagina,” and for some strange reason that probably says more about me than the artist, I assumed she would have displayed her piece on her dorm room walls. Instead of vaginas, Thompson’s room was adorned with vibrant tapestries that hung from the ceiling and an assortment of sketches. Continue reading

Kenyon Alumni Start Literary Magazine

(Via redbranchjournal.com)

Murat Oztaskin ’11 and Catherine Duennebier ’10 have created a literary magazine called Red Branch Journal, and have just released its first issue for the spring.

The Journal is a collection of original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and plays for both screen and stage. A quick glance down the masthead reveals some submissions are by other Kenyon alumni (Kathleen Jordan ’11 Hannah Withers ’11).

It is available online and can download into a pdf form. They are currently accepting submissions for Fall 2012. More information can be found here.

Check out samples of art below the jump.

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