Sheriff Urges Vigilance After String of Incidents

This post was written by Collegian opinions and photo editor Henri Gendreau ’16. This story will continued to be updated on The Thrill and in next week’s Collegian.

A rash of car break-ins hit the Gambier area between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning of this week, resulting in at least one stolen vehicle, vandalism and other stolen goods.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) issued a special alert for the Gambier area via its Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, advising citizens not to leave valuables in their vehicles, and to keep their cars locked.

But that was not enough to prevent Graduate School and Preprofessional Advisor Maureen Tobin’s car from being broken into.

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Abnormally Kind Burglar Attempts to Decorate Ohio Home for Christmas

I'm assuming he looked like this.

Last week, an Ohioan burglar proved that Midwest hospitality really does exist. Terry Trent allegedly broke into a home in Vandalia, a suburb of Dayton, and rather than the typical burglar pastime of… you know… stealing things, Trent began decorating. For Christmas. CBS also reports that “the burglar who was already in the holiday spirit was high on bath salts.”

Trent’s terrifying spree of holiday spirit ended when an 11-year-old boy discovered him and called his mother. Trent is currently being held in the Montgomery County Jail.

Two Men Arrested in Caples Early This Morning (UPDATED)

Update: Both men, according to Hooper, had charges of criminal trespass filed against them.

Two people were taken into custody in Caples Residence Hall by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office early this morning, Director of Campus Safety and Security Bob Hooper has confirmed to The Thrill. The men were not students.

A group of students in the lobby reported seeing two men led out of the elevator in handcuffs by sheriff’s deputies around 1:25 a.m. Campus Safety vehicles, including an SUV and a golf cart, were mixed in with the Sheriff’s vehicles parked in the fire lane behind Caples around the time of the arrest. By 1:35 a.m., the officers had all left the area.

The Thrill will update this story as more information becomes available.