Queer 101: Information Blast!!!


BOOM! Info blast. ~via MythBusters


BOOM! It’s ▲Queer 101▲ again, back with some info about queer life at Kenyon! Here you’ll find a guide to all the student-run LGBTQIA+ organizations on campus. I’m sure many of you already learned about these clubs at the activities fair, but for those of you who didn’t (or were too overwhelmed by the insanity of a thousand booths and a giant walking puppet to take in any real information), here’s a comprehensive list of said clubs and instructions on how to join them. Enjoy!

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Title IX Fliers Vandalized With Feminist Critiques, Smolak Gives Statement

Photo by Lauren Bailey '16

Photo by Lauren Bailey ’16

For the last week, Kenyon’s Title IX Coordinators have put out a series of much-discussed fliers in Peirce Hall, commenting on sexual misconduct at Kenyon, and providing information on the prevention of misconduct, as well. One recent flier, however, caused a stir with its message on grinding, and its appropriateness. Last night, many of the fliers were written on by a “Sex Positive Feminist” who took fault with the language of the flier, pointing out the negative aspects of the message, as it can shame individuals who choose to partake in provocative dancing, with or without the intent to then have sex. For more, including a comment from Interim Title IX Coordinator Linda Smolak, read after the break. Continue reading

BREAKING: TBTN Supplies Taken from Crozier


From the Crozier Center for Women:

It would appear that all of Crozier’s Take Back the Night supplies, including ribbons and ribbon making supplies, stars for the star wall, schedules of events, Sexualitree cardstock and all Sexualitree submissions, plus the large TBTN poster were taken from Crozier’s living room last night.

If you have information about the supplies, please contact the Crozier Center for Women (crozier@kenyon.edu) or Lacey Filkins (filkinsl@kenyon.edu).

Crozier Remakes: Alcohol Posters Done Right

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Making effective posters about alcohol responsibility can be a tricky task, especially when you want them to be relatable and memorable, and at least a little bit hip. Posters aimed at First-Years, specifically the “You’re Not You When You’re Wasted” campaign, have demonstrated this difficulty: although the intent behind them was to promote student safety, the execution, while well designed graphically, left something to be desired, with somewhat convoluted and problematic narratives. A recent Crozier meeting, however, proved that posters about drinking don’t have to be complicated to get a point across.

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Kenyon Explorer: Halloween Haunts

Like zoinks, Scoob! via wallpaperhere.com

Like zoinks, Scoob! via wallpaperhere.com

The research for this article has proven that if you open unmarked doors at Kenyon, you will find one of three things:

  1. Totally innocuous closet
  2. Equally harmless basement/storage room/attic
  3. Cobweb drenched, nightmare inducing Room of Abject Horror.

To be fair, many of the spaces in category three are also basements or attics, which naturally may cause you to wonder how they could possibly be so different than those in category two. “C’mon, Explorer,” you might think, “All basements are weird. Besides, most of Kenyon’s buildings are lovely. You couldn’t have found anything that bad.”

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