The Ransom Notes Have Taken Their First Hostage (It’s Me!)

Original Art By Michael Audet ’20, but props to Stock Photo Chair Guy too

Well folks, I hope you missed hearing about Kenyon acapella, because they are back and louder than ever. Coming at you like the unholy child of a broken record and a faulty radio that only plays unintelligible word fragments, college acapella has never been more missed on the Kenyon College Campus. Also, the Kenyon College Ransom Notes are standing over me as I write! For every star I give them, I get to keep one of my fingernails.

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10 o’clock list: Best Places on Campus to Hit Rock Bottom


Here’s the deal. The February gloom is chipping away at your soul, and not just because you never fully learned how to pronounce February.  Your resolution-filled hope for the new year has disappeared into a muddy and/or icy puddle on Middle Path. You’ve started drenching your eggs in hot sauce just to feel something. As you spiral rapidly towards rock bottom, have no fear! The Thrill is here to provide you with the best places to hit your lowest. Hobble over to one of these five locations and be your worst self!

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