The Weekend Drink: The Chubby Love Baby (Cupid’s Cup)

Cupid looks like a hard boiled egg. Via

Valentine’s Day is weird. Weird people appear buying weird lingerie for their weird significant others. And then there’s this persistent imagery with Cupid–the fat love child that looks like a thumb with wings. Are you feeling the love yet? No? I bet you are feeling all forms of protection though, because seeing Cupid probably reminds you that the world is overpopulated as it is and that there’s really no need to procreate. Here’s a cocktail to help you swallow all of that:  Continue reading

Don’t be Stupid Cupid: Making the Most of Valentine’s Day Grams

nicolas cage valentine

Valentine’s Day can be rather mundane. Its like the bastard child of Christmas and New Year’s that Hallmark created to enhance your seasonal depression or strain your gift-giving genius. Great. It’s not even like you can just drink it away like St. Patrick’s Day. Can you give a love interest a Shamrock Shake? Ugh. So what makes it worthwhile? Well, not much– but perhaps the best part of Valentine’s Day is receiving Valentine’s grams. If you’re sick of those too, we’re here with some of the best unexpected editions to keep your V-day spicy. 

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