The Adventures of D-Cat

This post was co-authored by Julia Lindsay and Nate Rosenberg. 

It’s always been a wonder to us how D-Cat spends his spare time.  So, naturally we decided to let you guys in on what he does when you’re not watching. By this, of course we mean that we turned him into a Sim.

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Things That Should Be Painted On The Caples Elevator


Yesterday we told you about the opportunity being presented by the Housing and Dining Community to help repaint the Caples elevator after it was unfortunately whitewashed over the summer. This got me thinking about some of the things I would paint on the elevator if I got the chance (and didn’t have the painting skills of a toddler).

D-Cat’s Face Nothing inspires awe like a larger-than-life visage of the head of our school. I’m think a little less Shepard Fariey’s Obama “Hope” poster, and more zoomorphic. Literally make D-Cat a cat. Perhaps even cross him with Kenyon alum Bill Watterson’s famous feline, Hobbes. Which brings me to my next suggestion:

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10 o’clock list: Dogs That Look Like D-Cat

Now that our esteemed D-Cat is in his second term of presidency, we at the Thrill think it’s finally time to subject him to our proud, long-standing tradition (that we have done once before) of comparing Kenyon presidential photos to furry friends from the animal kingdom. I can’t help pitying whatever president succeeds D-Cat, though: now that we’ve done cats and dogs, what’s even left? Birds? Birds are nothing. Birds are garbage.

1. “Let’s Get Down To Business.” 

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Gambier TMZ: D-Cat Leaked Photo Scandal (Just Kidding)

image (3) copy

I’m really into these glitter borders right now.

Did your adorable, first-year self ever open up iTunes in your first-year dorm, only to realize that you could totally see the iTunes library of the cute boy who lived on the floor below you (thanks to the all-connecting Kenyon Wi-Fi), and that he totally had Ja Rule’s entire discography too and you said to yourself, “He’s gonna marry me”?

Anyways, while I was backing up my iPhone photos on my iPhoto library because I’m an adult, something similar (but decidedly different) happened. I spotted a clickable “shared” photo library. Labeled “Sean Decatur’s Photos.” Continue reading

Humans of the Hill: Sendoff Edition

Inspired by Humans of New YorkThe Thrill has begun documenting Kenyon students (and faculty, staff, and dogs) as they go about their daily lives. We present our loving tribute, Humans of the Hill, all taken on the day of Sendoff.


“Would you grow a mustache like that one?”

“No, I’m not really into facial hair.”

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