10 o’clock list: Jokes I Will Never Stop Telling

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Hello everyone it is I, the Repeats Their Jokes Goblin! And boy oh boy, what a nightmare of a semester this has been. Winter lasted until late April, the campus is being torn up all around us, NightWorld chaos has erupted within our very library, the things we anticipated the most have been disastrous looks into our dark selves, and of course we are on the precipice of Sendoff. That’s right, we are staring headlong into the biggest party weekend of the semester, featuring three refugees from an alien dystopia in identical white turtlenecks playing computer noise at us before a hard cut into Kenyon’s premiere sadboi indie pop group, and of course, a party literally named for containing wild animals. Continue reading

Meet The Dad Behind The Kenyon Dads Instagram

This is what comes up when you google “Kenyon dads.” Via mobofree.com

There’s a new Instagram account whose primary focus is a subgenre of students they are calling “Kenyon dads.” Usually accompanied by some kind of “dad joke” or a phrase an embarrassed teenager might whine when their father does something embarrassing. The Instagram, KenyonDads, posts pictures of students weekly, crowning a new Kenyon Dad with each post. Lucky for you Thrill readers, I happen to know the Dad behind the Dads. I decided to ask them a few questions in the name of journalism. They agreed, but only if they could remain an anonymous dad.

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Kenyon Relevant Dad Jokes, Straight from a Dad

These jokes brought to you by the father of Thrill editor Malice Jackson, ’15.

Most normal dad clip art I could find

Most normal dad clip art I could find

As Allen Jackson puts it:

If you define Dad jokes as truly bad you can just look some up on the internet. If you define them as everyone-says-they’re-bad-but-really-they’re-funny you might get something like these:

Q: How many Kenyon alums does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Four. One to screw it in, three to talk about how much better the old one was.

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