10 o’clock list: Underappreciated Daddies


let’s do this. image via NYT.

It’s 2015, alright? Get with the times. The nuclear family is over, post-modernism blew it up. Forget about the 9 to 5 grind and bringing home the bacon, millennials are too busy drinking all of our wine and making out in bars to think about settling down and starting a family. America is gay now. Everything is different. Nowadays, anyone can be a Daddy. Here are some of those crazy iconoclasts blasting onto to the Daddy Scene, saying, “Hey, World. We’ve been here the whole time.”

  1. Crawdaddy: Call ’em crayfish. Call ’em crawfish. They don’t give a hoot. These Daddies are too busy rooting around in the mud to ask for your opinion. You don’t think crustaceans can be Daddies? Think again. Crawdaddies. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Lesser Known Taxis You Could Be Taking

There are alternatives

There are alternatives

We all know about Dad’s Taxi. It’s there. It exists. Big whoop. Honestly, after my recent experience, I’m not really very interested in inanimate objects claiming to be my dad. Here’s a list of lesser known options you could choose instead of Dad’s Taxi. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: 5 Ways To Never Leave Your Room


It happened. The Kenyon Krud is all around us. The library is now a symphony of throaty coughs and exhausted sniffles. No, your crush across the classroom isn’t blushing in your direction…her cheeks are simply red from fever. The market is out of cold medication and I can’t remember what it feels like to fall asleep not blanketed in a haze of NyQuil. If you are like me and become the world’s biggest baby when you are sick (apologies to all my housemates), then you don’t want to leave your apartment/dorm room until the storm is gone and you no longer need a box of tissues to make it through the day. Here’s the good news, you don’t have to! Here are some ways to succeed without ever leaving the front door.  Continue reading