10 o’clock list: Best Classes to Attend While High

That’s right, everyone, tomorrow is 4/20. Here’s the thing- we’re a pretty studious bunch, so we don’t want to miss our classes. But we’re also pretty cool and hip, so we don’t want to disgrace such an important yearly holiday for our generation. It’s important to choose your spring semester classes keeping this important day in mind. If you messed up and didn’t sign up for any of these classes, it’s ok. There’s always next year. Unless you’re a senior- then you just pick a job that meets the same criteria as these cool and chill/chill and cool pedagogical extravaganzas.

1. PHYS 335: Optics

Just think about it. You’re blitzed, sitting in a dark room, and suddenly, a laser shoots out of nowhere. Your professor comes up from the back of the class and starts talking about waves, electromagnetism, refraction. Your mind does somersaults, your eyes are glistening red with the radiant light of that laser, and everything is pretty chill. Honestly I always kind of want to play with lasers, but doing it after an herbal refreshment sounds heavenly.

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Do it Tonight: Spring Dance Concert

Come see the dance program's best work!

Come see the dance program’s best work!

To top off an excellent KCDC season, the Spring Dance Concert goes up this weekend. This must-see event features dances choreographed by Julie Brodie, Kora Radella, Elizabeth Furman, Sandro Aravena, Pankti Dalal, Nicki Krzeminski, Colin McArthur, and guest artists, Olivier Tarpaga and Pamela Newell.

    • What: Spring Dance Concert
    • When: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 8 p.m.
    • Where: Bolton Theater

Call the Box Office at (740) 427-5546 for tickets.

10 o’clock list: Five Things You Should NOT Do at an All-Campus Party

bandit grinder

Now that we’re entering the fourth week of school and have had the first round of all-campus disasters, it’s safe to say that everybody needs a little refresher on some of the more frowned-upon behaviors at parties. If any of these apply to you, please, do us all a favor—adjust accordingly.

1.     Be the Grinding Bandit. So you’re dancing with your girl-frands, having your “I don’t need no man moment” when you suddenly feel somebody’s love muscle on your tooshie. AWWW HELL NO! By the time you turn your schwasty face around he’s gone. Or maybe you never turn around. Either way, a note to all the Kenyon bros—just don’t do it.  Continue reading

Do It Tonight: Spring Dance Concert

Courtesy of Kora Radella

Courtesy of Kora Radella

As the semester winds down, you should be taking every opportunity to get some culture – before it’s too late, and you’re trapped inside the library for the rest of next week. Why not go to the Spring Dance Concert?

  • What: Spring Dance Concert
  • When: Tonight, May 2, and tomorrow, May 3, 2013, 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Where: Bolton Theater

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