10 o’clock list: 5 Things I Rediscovered About Kenyon After Being Abroad

The daunting task of decorating a single is only one of many challenges faced by the author upon her return to campus.

I know you’re sick of hearing about us, but students who studied abroad are facing some interesting challenges as we re-acclimate to Kenyon life. Apropos of Thea’s post earlier, here’s a list of the top five discoveries I’ve made in the last week-and-a-half being back on campus. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: 5 Ways to Fight the Cold

Oh the weather outside is weather...

Oh the weather outside is weather… (via moots.com)

It is going to be cold this week, so you had better prepare. With temperatures sinking to 13 degrees by Tuesday, walking to class will go from being “whimsical and fun”  to being a “dog –eat-dog world of survival.” At home when the weather gets cold, I buy an extra box of cereal and maybe light a fire in the fireplace. At school, I have no such luxuries, (unless you want to buy me a box of Chex mix from the market) and must trudge to class, regardless. Here is a list of ways that we can all stay warm during the long journey to class.

  1. Take Five – …shots. Take five shots. If this idea catches on, it’ll be Kenyon’s premier way to get to class without realizing that it’s only four degrees outside. Continue reading

Uphill/Downhill: The Wonders and Horrors of “Spring” Semester

New semester. New even betterer things. New things to complain about.  Ahh, the life of a liberal arts student.

Uphill: Endless Possibility — The best thing about starting a new semester is having new things to learn.  As campy as that sounds, I’m sure we are all glad to be back on some level (unless you’re a junior back from abroad and are jaded because you just learned so much during your time overseas).  Even if that doesn’t cut it for you, at least you’ve get a new round of potential bad hookups in your new classes!

Downhill: We’re Back — Just in time for the good weather!  For those first years who have not yet lived in Ohio, get ready for a fun winter.  What’s that, you say? You’re from the West Coast? A couple things you should know: 1) Snowflakes aren’t the size of the paper cut-outs we made in elementary school. 2) Make your own fun; you’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors. Oh, and guess what else … there’s pretty much a whole semester until Second Christmas.*

*Summer Sendoff