10 o’clock list: Places to “Honeymoon” After Getting Kenyon Married

As a first-year, I am merely an outside observer of the concept of “Kenyon Married”. I am the accidental child brought into an adult-only romantic dinner at the quirkiest all-inclusive resort of all time. Except instead of a resort, I am referring to our fine liberal arts institution.

I got here a little over a month ago, so it is understandable and expected for me to not be “Kenyon Married”, or even “Kenyon Engaged”. I would argue that this perspective puts me in a prime position to make unbiased suggestions about other people’s relationships.

Or maybe I’m just the strangest combination of a Hopeless Romantic and Jaded Writer Who Likes Making Fun of Things on the Internet to ever grace this site. 

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Distract Yo’ Self: A Guide to Getting Girls Through the Magic of Song

This music video is from a tape called “Attracting Today’s Woman” from the late ’80s/ early ’90s. The video is super confusing. It appears that a robust, bearded ladies’ man teaches a nerdy type how to get women. His main techniques focus on intense exercise and a lot of plastic surgery. But I think the end result is well worth the confusion.