The Monday Catchup

The Monday Catchup

What’s goodie family? It’s your Monday Catchup. Today I’m gonna show you how to bless yourselves on this abbreviated week of school. Welcome. A lotta you have been missing my posts, and I’m here to say keep it 100% cool because I’m not here to let you down. I’ve just been hitting the stacks mad hard lately (before break crunch you feel me). I only have a few poser assignments left to KO before the big FB (fall break), and I’m here for it. Cha feel. I heard this weekend got mad freaky in a good way. Love to see it my friend-tendo 64s. Wigs and jigs. You players know how it is. I got some mad rhyme inspiration** from you when I asked, “how was your weekend?” **link to my SC (sound cloud) below if you’re looking to treat those ears to the sweet sounds.

“I walked into Deb Ball, and it felt like the Beetlejuice netherworld waiting room

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Queer 101: Deb Ball 2017

Queer 101: Deb Ball 2017

Cw: Discussions of transphobia

Hey, Kenyon. I haven’t done one of these in a while but I feel like this Saturday is bringing about a topic we very much need to discuss on this campus. Namely, respecting trans and gender non-conforming students by being active and responsible allies instead of passive ones. The most important thing to remember in reading this article, whether you’re a fan of Deb Ball or not, is that allyship takes work. Allyship can be challenging. When your views and opinions are being challenged by a minority group who just wants you to hear them out, instead of shutting down and becoming defensive, you should listen. Our pain doesn’t come from sensitivity— it comes from history. It comes from real, tangible experiences and emotions. Your actions, even in the Kenyon bubble, do not occur in a vacuum. You are responsible for what you choose to pay attention to and what you choose to ignore. With that being said, I, as an openly nonbinary and queer student of Kenyon College, would like to discuss Deb Ball. Thank you in advance for keeping an open mind.

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First Years React: Deb Ball 2016

Deb Ball is a right of passage rarely talked about but deeply experienced. The things you see can never be unseen–and the first time you do it is always for the books. We asked our new (first-year) writers to reflect on their time.

“Deb Ball was the first Kenyon event I’ve been to that necessitated a shower after arriving back at my dorm. Getting into bed glazed with the sweat of my classmates wouldn’t have been the clean, adult thing to do. Overall, the night was solid. I spent most of Deb Ball accumulating secondhand body glitter and trying not to stare at people making out. The live music was definitely a plus and I plan on returning next year, looking less like a 12 year boy dressed in his older brother’s clothes than I did.”-Annie Blackman

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The Monday Catchup

monday catchup.jpg

Not my best edit, but as Philander Chase once said, “this will do!”

You will all be happy to know that I am no longer my glittery-skinned self. Indeed, the last speck of the shiny stuff from Deb Ball fell off of my body today. I am finally clean. Bless. That’s the most I can say about this weekend folks. It was a romp and a riot and an altogether jiggle-fest. Here are some candid thoughts from you about this debauchery.

RIP to all the wigs people wore.

I stayed in for the first night of my life, and I didn’t hate it.

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It Happened to Me: I Went to Deb Ball Sober

I'm the second from the left (via

I’m the second from the left (via

Fall, 2015. The air is crisp, but still warm. You’ve only been back at school for three weeks and it feels like it’s been a lifetime. You’re being your best self, getting along just fine, when all of the sudden some motherfucker named Life decided to make things more difficult than they need to be. You know how you’re supposed to be healthy, with an immune system that knows how to do its job? Too bad. It’s time for illness. Continue reading

The Monday Catchup


True story: I create these photos on a janky, online program called BeFunky. This site is surely stealing information from my computer.

Oh greetings. It’s late, so you thought I wasn’t going to be here. That’s funny. I’m always here. Every Monday. Every week. Every month. Every semester. Every year. I’m always here…giving you the deets and such about happenings and such. My knowledge of this weeks events is your communion. Blessed are you my children. Please eat from me. Drink from my cup. DRINK!!! Which reminds me of something someone said this weekend. Here are some other musings from you, my children.

This weekend? We drank sangria out of a trash can.

I stole six menus from Peirce Pub.

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First Year Deb Ball: Expectation vs. Reality

Glitter ferret won Deb Ball. Via

Deb Ball (in addition to Shock Your Mom) is the party you brag about to friends from other schools. Everyone remembers their first Deb Ball at Kenyon (or distinctly don’t remember it).  We asked our First-Year writers about their expectations for the weekend and then about the reality they experienced at the party. Check out some of their thoughts on Kenyon’s treasured ball:

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