The Monday Catchup


Mediocre photoshop. Good gourd.

I’m disturbed, fellow students. I don’t know if any of you have been paying attention, but things have changed. I’m not talking about the Middle Path renovation or the 20/20 plan or the gaping, Cove-shaped hole in our hearts. No. I’m talking about the lack of one very famous gourd. The chill of fall has now descended upon us, and we welcome it with open arms. Sadly, this chill also reminds Gourdlings everywhere of their mother’s absence.

In short, where the hell is Gourdzilla?

She has been gone for too long. I spent too many hours this weekend mourning Gourdzilla’s absence. At least some of you remained positive during this tough time. Here’s what you had to say about this weekend sans gourd mom.

I saw Guy Fieri in a dream.

I was really happy, and a lot of people asked if I was black out. I was sober.

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Do it tonight: Congressional Debate in Rosse

Tonight at 7:00 p.m., Republican incumbent Bob Gibbs and Democratic challenger Joyce Healy-Abrams will meet in Rosse Hall for the only face-to-face debate of the race for Ohio’s 7th District House seat. The event will be moderated by Tom Karako, director of the Center for the Study of American Democracy (CSAD), as well as Jack Torry, Washington Bureau Chief of The Columbus Dispatch and Managing Editor Samantha Scoles of The Mount Vernon News.

You can also get in on the action by submitting questions to CSAD that may be asked tonight. Post them on CSAD’s Facebook, tweet them with the hashtag #ohio7debate, or email them to Jalene Fox at If you want to see the debate tonight, make sure you get there early, because a full house is likely.

Gibbs is the incumbent representative for Kenyon, but the district he is currently running to represent is not the same as the one he’s represented since 2010 (when Gibbs defeated Democratic incumbent and Kenyon graduate Zack Space ’83). Due to redistricting, Kenyon’s new district, the 7th, now also includes Canton, where Healy-Abrams is from.

  • What: Ohio 7th District Congressional Debate, sponsored by CSAD
  • Where: Rosse Hall
  • When: Tuesday, Oct. 30, 7:00 p.m.

Have Questions for the Congressional Debate?

Joyce-Healy AbramsBob Gibbs

As you probably have heard, Kenyon will host the only face-to-face debate for Ohio’s 7th Congressional District on Tuesday at 7:oopm. The debate will be between incumbent Bob Gibbs (R) and challenger Joyce Healy-Abrams (D). The debate is being hosted by the College’s Center for the Study of American Democracy (CSAD) and will be held in Rosse Hall. However, CSAD needs some questions to ask these candidates! Continue reading