Weekend Playlist: Happy Halloween!

Lords and Ladies, prepare for the scariest weekend of your life.  Whether that means having to witness the absurd level of debauchery this campus is prone to this time of year, or waking up sweating at 1A.M. on Sunday still haunted by Elliot Cromer’s ’15 clown costume at Haunted Leonard this Wednesday.

Hit the jump for The Thrill’s official Halloween soundtrack: from “The Monster Mash” to remixes of “Nightmare Before Christmas,” we’ve got you covered.  DJs, take note!

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10 o’clock list: Songs with Potentially Philosophical Implications that I May or May Not Have Heard at Old Kenyon Last Night

via wikipedia commons

“School of Athens” courtesy of Raphael (via Wikipedia Commons)

After a rather civilized indie band performance at the Farm, my friends and I (who are, for the record, not first years, even though we were out at 9:45. No really. We aren’t. Just ask) rolled up to Ye Olde Kenyone expecting a night of careless debauchery. After a kind sister doodled lines between my fingers in a vain attempt at Xs, we descended into Dante’s Inferno. The scene was a feast for the senses. The air smelled of sweat, beer and horny first years; the temperature was rising. Anonymous bodies, clothed in white and splattered with neon phallic hieroglyphs, packed onto the dance floor, fueled by a quintessentially collegiate soundtrack. For a moment, I lost myself, thinking I had walked into a state-school party (or what I imagine one would be like). Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Likely Candidates for Shock Your Mom Outfits

A shocked mom. (via mtv.com)

Ah, the most wonderful time of year is once again upon us.  A second chance at a slightly more risque Halloween of sorts.  I am speaking, of course, of the swimmers’ wonderful (and classy) soiree, Shock Your Mom!  As we approach the weekend, we at The Thrill are making bets on this year’s most popular costumes.*  Check after the jump for our guesses.

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