Kenyon Kanye

As we all know, Kanye West’s tweets say a lot about the human condition. More specifically, his tweets really relate to the Kenyon condition. Kenyon and Kanye – Kenye, if you will – are a match made in heaven. Look, if this needs to be explained to you, you’re not on Kanye’s level.



President Decatur and Kanye West have more in common than you’d think

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President Decatur Did The Thing

Today, President Decatur accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge from Denison University president, Adam Weinberg. Just in case you haven’t seen this enough on your news feed, here it is again. But somehow, it’s raising money, so I’ll retreat back into my shell for the time being and watch those last ten seconds of footballers jumping gleefully over and over again.

Decatur has nominated Grant Cornwell of of Wooster, Lynn Pasquerella of Mount Holyoke and Marvin Krislov of Oberlin. So. You know. Stay tuned.

The Thrill: We’re Kind of a Big Deal

wikipedia-logo-Not that we ever like to brag, but we’re totally on Decatur’s Wikipedia page. And bonus: we didn’t even put ourselves on it.

Finally, the Internet fame we've always deserved.

Finally, the Internet fame we’ve always deserved.

For those who weren’t paying attention or currently have the misfortune of being a first-year, last year we conducted a highly scientific bracket where we had you, the student body, vote for your nickname of choice for President Decatur. D-Cat was the result, thus installing us, The Thrill on Wikipedia until the end of time. Or until someone edits the article.

Texting with Decatur: An Exposé


Recently, we at the Thrill have been thinking a lot about our role on campus. What does it truly mean to be the blog face of this campus? That is why we made a call to Washington to begin a very tentative partnership with the NSA. Aren’t those the guys that are tapping phones and can read our email? Bluntly? Yes. The benefit though is posts like this one. We present to you D-Cats’s most intimate communications. Finally a little transparency on this campus!

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With Obama’s Invitation, President Decatur Commits Kenyon to Low-Income Affordability

White House Gate

Today Present Sean Decatur was one of  140 college presidents, business leaders and non-profit executives to meet with President Obama with the goal of increasing college affordability for low-income students. At the summit, the White House released a list of new commitments Kenyon and others agreed to make. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Highlights of Inauguration Weekend


President Decatur and his wife, Renee Romano, in the spotlight during the Illumination of Old Kenyon (Photo by Emily Hills ’16).

Inauguration Weekend has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can relive the glory!  These last three days have been full of great Kenyon moments, and aren’t likely to ever happen again. Check out (what I think are) the best moments of Inauguration Weekend:

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